Monday, May 4, 2009

Vegas Adventure

I use the word adventure for a very good reason... Vegas and kids = adventure! First of all, what were we thinking taking our kids to Vegas. It was the 2nd time we had gone together and this time we took some friends and did a timeshare presentation. Now being owners of an excellent vacation plan ourselves I was thinking "how bad can it be, get free tickets, gas, and other freebies right?" well this time I was dead wrong. To make a long story short we had fun, got told we were getting alot of freebies which ended up not working at all and realizing that a double stroller with kids in Vegas sure brings lots of extra time and extra long double takes. Overall it was nice to get away with friends but a little note to self next time will tell me to not go on the strip at all with the kids unless we have planned on having us all wear protective porno repellant glasses and gas masks. I think we will take it easy next vacation and just use our place or go camping.

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Teah said...

Hey can I get a six pairs of those Porno repellant glasses. I think we need to have those on hand at all times. It's getting so bad lately since people are fighting editing and magazine covers because they think it's ruining their "artistic" creations. It's going to be so hard raising boys in such an ocularly stimulated world. That said I did get quite a kick out of your Adventure. Your kids are getting so big. Could you post a closer up picture of them so We can see exactly how they look. Thanks.