Thursday, October 8, 2009

Birthday fun

Well I can hardly believe it but my little man is now 5 yrs old. Since he is really into super heros and gross things like bugs and poop and grossing out his mom he decided for his birthday dinner to have a disgusting dinner theme... a super hero birthday party theme will follow later this week.

So here is what he had for dinner:
Slimy Worm Spaghetti, Maggot/Baby work mac and cheese, hulk snot brocolli, dog poop rolls, bloody meat sauce, bloody eyeball juice, and last but not least was the "cake" maggot and worm poo poo platter (thank you Kids Space Museum for the lovely idea in his head) lemon pie, complete with worms and candles.

He LOVED the whole thing and the next day the first thing he said when he woke up was " I wish it was still my birthday, that day was fun" What a cute kid. It was fun making the gross stuff for him and so worth it to see his face as he ate it and thought Jake and I were sooo grossed out.

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