Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our 2008 Snowman ( only lasted a day but it was fun to make)

Ok.. to explain this picture.. Kaden is ALWAYS in his pj's without a shirt on so I wanted to take a picture with him and let him see the snowman so I just grabbed him and set him on his coat and click click here is the outcome!

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Teah said...

Wow Jess
welcome back to the blogging world. I Think you win for the longest space between
Glad to see all is well. We have had one of those strange winters also. We got a huge ice and snow storm that put down about a foot of snow in twenty-four hours. Thats more snow then this place has seen in years. The funny thing is that it happened in january. We usually don't get that much moisture until march. All's well here. Check out our blog to see how we fair.