Friday, November 7, 2008

All Smiles

Well, I just never get alot of time to get on here but I wanted to post a couple more pictures. Here we are Laughing it up.. who knows why exactly we are laughing .. maybe it is because Reagan just farted really loud.. or maybe it was Kaden. We have alot of that go on here. LOL
The other day Kaden told me I could pee with him standing up at the toilet.. when I tried to explain that girls don't do that he thought that meant that my penis got cut off.. I couldn't help but laugh and then explain calmly that girls don't have those.. and then laugh some more. KIDS!!

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Em said...

Cute picture. I love it. It is fun to see Reagan getting so big. She looks totally different from Kaden (at least in that picture). Let us know when you are up here again.