Friday, November 7, 2008

PROP 8 and the elections

Well, I have to say that I am relieved that prop 8 passed but also sad for the people that wanted it not to pass. I try to put myself in their position and can't help but feel sad.. sad that they think we hate them, sad that they don't have some rights for their loved ones that we do, and sad that our world is so crazy. I am really happy that I shouldn't have to worry so much about my kids learning adult issues in elementary and happy that the will of the people was reinstated.

It is so crazy to see how people really are when they get worked up about an issue. I have heard the worst of people on both sides come out over this.

On Monday night I went with the kids to hold up signs and I have to admit I got emotional.. emotional that I can live in a place where I have the right to hold up a sign that is different than other people and not be punished for it.. proud that both sides have the freedom of speech, proud that I stood of what I believe, proud to be an AMERICAN!! Then Tuesday I was sad that McCain didn't win.. loved his speech, and proud that our country is finally at a place where the color of skin doesn't matter and hope that it only gets better. I loved what McCain said " Barrack Obama is MY President" and so he will be mine too. No matter what we think politcally, it is in the best interest of the country to come together, especially at a time like this.God Bless America

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Teah said...

I knew I was friends with you for a good reason. I loved what you said about our country coming together. I agree! As members of the church we have promised to be subject to kings, rulers, and magistrates. Thank goodness we live in a country where things can change if they aren't good. We have the right and priviledge to call for change when needed. I agree that this is a historic time and it is amazing to see it happen, but that being said I too was said to see McCain lose.(mostly because I love Gov. Palin) anyway thanks for standing up for the family and hopefully those that did not will soon see why the family is so important.