Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reagan McKell Walters

Ok, So I need to go back in time I know but I just thought I would post a cute picture of 3 month old Reagan we took last Thursday. Jake, Kaden, Reagan, and I all decided to go for a swim at a local swim park and do a little picture taking while we were there. We sure love spending time together, especially when it involves relaxing! We are really loving having both a girl and a boy and appreciate what a great sleeper Reagan is at night. She has been Wonderful!!


Em said...

Hey Guys: I have continued to check your blog since May and was so happy to see the updates. Your baby is just a doll! Hope things are well!

Jessica Brunson said...

Reagan is so adorable. I can't believe its been been 4 months alreay. We need to get together sometime.

LeAnn said...

Hi Jessica! I found your blog off of the Brunson's blog list. I was so excited to see that you now have a sweet baby girl!

I remember how helpful you were to me by getting me to appointments when I was pregnant with Colin (who will be 3 in just a few days). And now we have a baby girl named Kirsten who is 7months.